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Who are we?

We’re a team of award-winning social entreprises. We’ve come together to co-create the tool tourism entrepreneurs need to build the successful tourism organisations of the post Covid-19 world. We define your success as your ability to make both money and a positive impact in a sustainable way. 

We reinvente tourism

We’re innovators at the forefront of the transformation of the Travel & Tourism sector. We work both at the community level and globally. We’ve won social innovation awards, are a voice to reckon with in top tier media and are constantly sharing our model and insights with industry and government leaders. We’re here to empower you.

We support entrepreneurs

We’re experts at supporting early stage entrepreneurs, trusted by people and institutions. We’ve already helped close to 1800 entrepreneurs structure and validate their businesses, wherever they are, whoever they are. We’re proud to see the success of our founders: 65% of their startups are still alive 2 years after our program.

We give everyone a voice

We’re creating impact by giving a voice to everyone. In the past 10 years, we’ve worked with and have been recognized by leading organizations and corporations. Through play, we gather anonymised data and trends to understand people’s feelings, ideas and opinions and use it to challenge the status quo and create meaningful calls to action.

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